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West, Farica



Watford, Laura

Assistant Principal


Simmons, Alice

Guidance Counselor


Goodson, Cynthia

Curriculum Coordinator



Name Title/Department Email
Brown, Lacy Language Arts 5th-6th grades Email
Bush, Janet Media Specialist Email
Carnley, Rebekah Virtual Teacher Email
Carroll, Kate High School English  Email
Chestnut, Amy 3rd grade Email
Culbreth, Teresa High School and Middle School Math Email
Cushing, Chelsea 5th & 6th grade Social Studies & Science Email
Ellenburg, Maire Business Education  Email
Hall, Brad HOPE, PE, Executive Internship Email
Hudson, Lowell Agriculture Email
Grantham, Paige 4th grade Email
Jones, Deborah American History, Civics, 7th & 8th ELA, Film Email
Lane, Susan Virtual Lab Facilitator, Journalism Email
Messer, Kelli Kindergarten Email
Messer, Nancy Second Grade Email
Miller, Carol Middle & High School Intensive Reading Email
TBD Pre-K Email
Owen, Jared Physical Education, Boys Basketball Email
Pinnella, Tammy 7th & 8th Grade Science / High School Science Email
Register, Karon Government/Economics, World History, AVID, Film, Eurythmics Email
Severson, Anthony High School and Middle School Math Email
Smith, Leah First Grade Email
Smith, Mandy Exceptional Student Education Email
Speigner, Mitzi Kindergarten Email
Sumner, Andrew Driver's Education Email
Tate, Ansley First Grade


Trim, Jana 5th, & 6th Grade Math Email
Tyre, Heather Fine Arts & Elementary Art Email
Whitledge, Melissa Exceptional Student Education & 9th grade English Email
Williams, Ginger Elementary PE Email

Support Staff

Name Title/Department Email
Bass, Tara Lunchroom Manager Email
Brantley, Jenny Data Clerk Email
Carnley, Phyllis Lunchroom Staff Email
Coatney, Sarella Lunchroom Staff Email
Ealum, Faith Receptionist, Bus Driver Email
Earnest, Crystal Bookkeeper, Secretary Email
Haddix, Kayla Health Technician
Hall, Amy Aide Email
Hudson, Deanna Custodian
Hudson, Jessica Aide Email
Jones, Stefanie ESE Aide Email
Lawson, Patricia Bus Driver, Pre-K Aide Email
Paulding, Whitney Aide
Stafford, Glenda Aide Email
Widner, Megan Cashier/Support Staff
Wilson, Leon Maintenance - Head Custodian Email


Katilyn Carroll                   Girl's Basketball & Softball
Brad Hall Baseball
TBD Cheerleaders
Jared Owen Basketball