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Beginning August 18,2021, WINGS classes will meet MONDAY - THURSDAY from 2:30 - 5:30 after each regular school day. The after school program will not meet on school holidays, teacher work days, Fridays, or any day that WINGS staff notifies students/parents otherwise. The WINGS program will focus on Reading, Science, Math, Health, and Character Education.  Homework assistance will be provided daily.
The goal of the program is to improve academic achievement and interventions will be implemented to meet the students' needs.  If students are absent or leave early then their needs cannot be addressed. Students enrolled in WINGS will be required to attend each day for the entire program.  Students who are absent or checked out early (before 5:10 pm) five times in a grading period will be dismissed from the program and a student on the waiting list will be enrolled to fill that slot.  If a student has an excused absence from school then the missed day will not count against them in WINGS.
WINGS is a continuation of the school day, therefore, students are expected to follow school rules, dress code and regulations during WINGS just as they would during the regular school day.  Students who disrupt the learning environment will be dismissed from the WINGS program.  See the Discipline Policy for further details.
Parents may use the WINGS facilities for educational purposes with an appointment.  Computers, encyclopedias, etc. will be available for anyone needing assistance.  Please call to confirm the time available at your school.
Family members of WINGS students are encouraged to participate in services and activities offered through WINGS.