This week, the School Board approved the 2021-22 Student Code of Conduct.  We would like to make parents aware of an important change to the student dress code.  For the coming school year, holes in jeans or pants will not be allowed.  Holes are defined as “openings revealing skin”.  Please keep this change in mind when purchasing school clothes.


The other major change is a revision to the cell phone policy.  Cell phones must be “OFF and AWAY” during school hours.  Students must have their cell phone turned “OFF” or on silent, and “AWAY” or out of sight during the school day.  Parents/guardians may contact the school office to get in touch with their child/children during the normal school day.


The full Student Code of Conduct can be viewed on the HDSB website on the Parent Resources page.  We are looking forward to kicking off the 2021-22 school year!