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The mission of the Guidance Department at Poplar Springs High School is to support the academic, emotional, social, personal and college/career growth of all students. The counselor helps each student understand and fulfill his/her potential for being a skillful learner and responsible, productive member of our school and community. Feel free to explore the links below for information to help further the completion of your goals.

Contact the Counselor:

Mrs. Alice Simmons

(850) 263-6260


Scholarship Applications

New Scholarship Applications will be added to the Guidance Webpage throughout the year as they become available. The majority of local applications become available each April. Please check back frequently or as often as you are prompted through "Remind" to access new applications. Students and parents who are unable to print the application forms may obtain a hard copy from the kiosk just outside the guidance office at PSHS.

Please read the information carefully and follow the specific directions for each scholarship (or list of scholarships). The scholarships have different criteria and varying application deadlines.

  • Nicole Mears Public Servant Scholarship (Due May 15, 2020) - Scholarship for a senior going into public service. Application file attached here. Nicole Mears Public Servant Scholarship.docx (35.6 KBs)
  • Alpha Delta Gamma Scholarship (Due May 11, 2020) - All Holmes County Seniors with gpa of 2.5 who attended the entire Senior year at a Holmes County school. AlphaScholarship.pdf (1.3 MBs)
  • Ronald Reagan Scholarship (Due May 1, 2020) - Scholarship amount is $500 for either college or technical school. Must be registered to vote as a Holmes County Republican, or, if under the age of 18, parent must be. Copy of voter registration card required. Ronald Reagan Scholarship.pdf (786.4 KBs)
  • Kiwanis Club Scholarship to Chipola (Due May 15, 2020) - KiwanisChipola.pdf (3.2 MBs)
  • Kiwanis Club Scholarship to Florida Panhandle Technical College (Due May 15, 2020) - KiwanisFPTC.pdf (3.2 MBs)
  • Holmes County Teachers Association Scholarship(Due May 10, 2020) - Student must be the child of a HCTA member. See attached application for further information. HCTA scholarship 2020.doc (39.5 KBs)
  • Focus on Programming (Due May 8, 2020) - $1000 scholarship to graduating Senior who has exhibited academic excellence in computer programming and computer science. Application is available online @ FocusScholarship.pdf (512.4 KBs)
  • Holmes County Cattlemen's Scholarship (Due April 1, 2020) - $500 scholarship. Do not have to have cattle or be majoring in agriculture. Can attend college or technical school. Holmes County Cattlemen's Association Scholarship.pdf (732.7 KBs)
  • Four Academic Awards (Due May 1, 2020) - A Doug Williams, "Daddy Buck" Barker, Wilmer E "Slim" Smith, and Graceville Lions Club Awards Four Academic Awards.pdf (228.0 KBs)
  • Chipola Foundation Scholarships Through Other Organizations -part 2.pdf (157.0 KBs)
  • Chipola Foundation Scholarships Through Other Organizations (Due dates vary.) - List of Scholarships and requirements found in attached file Part 1. Application attached as Part 2. Apply for each separate scholarship for which you qualify. Chipola Foundation Scholarships Through Other Organizations -part 1.pdf (2.1 MBs)
  • Chipola College Foundation Scholarships (Due June 2, 2020)) - Chipola College Foundation Scholarships.pdf (5.0 MBs)
  • Joe Bill Galloway Memorial Scholarship (Due 05/01/2020) - This one-time $1,000 scholarship is given each year to honor the memory of Holmes County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Joe Bill Galloway. To be eligible, applicants must be a graduating senior at Poplar Springs School and also seeking a career in law enforcement (including corrections or game warden) or as an emergency responder (paramedic, EMT, firefighter, etc.) Award check will be made payable to a college of the recipient’s choice. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MAY 1, 2020. Applications may be dropped off or mailed to: HOLMES COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE 211 N. OKLAHOMA STREET BONIFAY, FLORIDA 32425 GALLOWAY SCHOLARSHIP2020 (00000002).pdf (217.5 KBs)
  • Florida Panhandle Technical College Foundation Scholarship (Due 05/01/19) - FPTC Foundation Scholarship Application-1.pdf (287.6 KBs)
  • Kim Miller Cosmetology Scholarship (Due 05/01/19) - Available for use at Florida Panhandle Technical College FPTC_Kim_Miller_Cosmetology_Scholarship.pdf (476.3 KBs)
  • NBC Universal Media Scholarship (Due 10/22/19) - National Scholarship- Scholarship Value: $5,000 Awards Available: 10 Award Deadline: October 22, 2019 (Deadline Estimated) NBCUniversal Media Scholarship.docx (13.5 KBs)
  • Personal Achievement College Scholarship (Due 07/26/19) - National Scholarship- Scholarship Value: $15,000 Awards Available: 3 Award Deadline: July 26, 2019 Personal Achievement College Scholarship.docx (13.4 KBs)
  • The The Paradigm Challenge Scholarship (Due 05/01/19) - National Scholarship- Scholarship Value: $100,000 Awards Available: 100 Award Deadline: May 1, 2019 The Paradigm Challenge.docx (13.2 KBs)
  • Behavioral Health Academic Scholarship (Due 04/30/19) - National Scholarship- Scholarship Value: $5,000 Awards Available: 3 Award Deadline: April 30, 2019 Behavioral Health Academic Scholarship Program.docx (13.3 KBs)
  • Olan P Johnson Memorial Scholarship (for PSHS Senior) - (Due 04/19/19) - Partial tuition scholarship available to a current Poplar Springs graduate, must be of good moral character, maintain a 2.0 GPA at Chipola and follow standard college requirements. APPLY TO POPLAR SPRINGS GUIDANCE COUNSELOR BY APRIL 19, 2019. Olan-P-Johnson-Memorial-Scholarship Application.pdf (78.9 KBs)
  • Brooks Law Group Scholarship (Due 05/03/19) - Brooks Law Group Spring 2019 Scholarship.docx (83.5 KBs)



This section contains information about graduation requirements based on criteria set by the State of Florida. Requirements are assigned to each student based on the year they entered the 9th grade. Please be aware that graduation requirements include earning a specific number of credits in prescribed courses in addition to passing state exams. There are multiple pathways to earning a high school diploma. Please refer to the following Acadmeic Advisement Flyers and State Assessment Brochue for grade-specific information regarding graduation options.
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